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Vagbhatt Jaggery Powder 500 Gram


  • Vagbhatt Jaggery Powder is too much beneficial for us. Its an alternate source of white Sugar. It is good for,
  • Cleanses the whole body. …
  • Improves digestion. …
  • Prevents anemia. …
  • Improves immune function. …
  • Aids glucose control and weight loss.

Improves immune function. …
Aids glucose control and weight loss.


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Vagbhatt Jaggery Powder has enormous health benefits which make it the ideal sweetener. Just 20 grams of it contains 38 calories and has 9.8 gram of carbohydrates, 9.7 gram of sugar, 0.01 gram of protein, choline, betaine, Vitamin B12, B6, folate, calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, selenium, and manganese. It has no traces of any kind of fat so one can readily add it to their diet without worrying about excessive fat intake. However, its sugar content is similar to that of white sugar, so patients suffering from diabetes should avoid overconsumption.

Numerous health professionals recommend replacing sugar with jaggery to obtain greater nutritional values from a sweetener. While both may be processed, sugar is mainly in the form of translucent, white crystals while jaggery can either be golden brown or dark brown in colour. The former undergoes rigorous industrial processes, such as treatment with charcoal, due to which its nutritional value is lost. On the other hand, the latter undergoes no excessive treatment except the boiling of sugarcane syrup. This ensures the retention of traces of iron, mineral salts and fiber in it. These minerals and plant phytochemicals are useful remedies for several ailments. This natural sweetener is an effective way to boost immunity, regulate body temperature, enrich the skin, improve digestion and cure joint pain, apart from a number of other mind-blowing health benefits.

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