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Vagbhatt Triphala Juice 500 ml


Vagbhatt Triphala Juice अमृत है और यह हमारे शरीर में वात, पित्त और कफ को बैलेंस रखता है और इनके कारण होने वाली 80 से ज्यादा बीमारियों से हमें बचाता है। हर व्यक्ति को प्रतिदिन Vagbhatt Triphala Juice का प्रयोग करना ही चाहिए।

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Vagbhatt Triphala Juice made with pure natural herbs in the ration of 1:2:3 like 3 part Amla, 2 Part Baheda and 1 part Harde. It is an unik product and it can keep you fit and active, and help you lead a happy life free of health issues. The most impressive health benefits of Triphala Juice include the following:

Improves digestion

  1. 1. Triphala Juice is excellent for enhancing the process of digestion. It is the best digestive product. It acts as a digestive tonic and cleanses the digestive tract as well.
  • 2.  The mildly laxative nature of Triphala aids in the prevention and cure of constipation and irritable bowel syndrome.

Promotes weight loss

1.  Triphala Juice aids in enhancing the metabolism, which is good for shedding the extra pounds.

2.  Taking Triphala Juice also helps to flush out the toxins and keep the gastrointestinal tract clean.

Boosts the immune system

1.  Vagbhatt Triphala Juice is rich in antioxidants which works against toxic free radicals and fights against oxidative stress. This action helps to strengthen the immune system.

Protects the hair and skin

1.  Vagbhatt Triphala Juice can fight against dermatological problems like eczema and acne.

2. It contains a host of nutrients that work to preserve the health and beauty of hair and skin.

Enhances vision

1.  Vagbhatt Triphala Juice is suitable for ocular health. It helps to improve vision and also aids in the prevention of grave eye diseases like cataract and glaucoma.


1.  Triphla in diabetes works similar to other diabetes medicines because it inhibits digestive (glycolytic) enzymes thus decrease blood glucose levels.

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